Should I be Insured?

Be aware... You crash! You burn! You pay!


In Europe, mountain rescue, both in-, and out-of-bounds is provided by professional rescue  services and you WILL be expected to pay. What is more, due to the size of most resorts, rescue is often conducted by helicopter and can run to the price of a small Porsche. Therefore, we recommend that every FSC member give serious thought to ensuring that you are fully insured for your ski holidays.


In particular, you should be aware of the need to cover third-party, rescue and medical expenses. If you are going skiing off-piste then your insurance should cover that as well. You may also want to get cover for loss or theft of your equipment.


It is quite easy to get cover either for one trip, a few weeks or even the whole year. You may insure just yourself, or your entire family under one policy. Many resorts offer a very reasonable insurance option when you buy your ski pass. For example in France snow insurance “carre neige” can be purchased for approx. €2.50 per day and includes all essential coverage for that resort. Buying insurance to protect not only your investment in your equipment, but also yourself against the expenses of injury or an accident involving liability, is a wise investment.


The following is a general list of the type of coverage you may
expect to receive from reputable insurance companies:

•  Protection against snowboard/ski damage or theft.

•  Accident insurance including ski patrol expenses ...
evacuation from the slope can be VERY expensive.

•  Medical insurance, for illness or an accident if you become an in-patient, including return travel expenses if necessary.

•  Liability insurance for property damage or personal injury to others,
or damage to someone else’s equipment.

•  Legal assistance associated with a court case resulting from an accident
on the slopes.

•  Additional advantages of some policies include price reductions
on lift passes and at resort lodges, hotels and restaurants.


Policies vary from company to company, so it’s best to shop around. Be sure to check whether sports equipment, heli-rescue and European or worldwide cover
is indicated. You should always get receipts for medical services, and you will
need a police report if your equipment is stolen.

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