Where does it come from?

This will be the 52nd SEASON* of FSC e.V.
(*initially founded as FISC in 1964).

Come celebrate with us!


The Frankfurt, Ski, Snowboard, Sports and Social Club (FSC) was formed as a locally run alternative to the Frankfurt International Ski Club which, as an American Club, was in the process of closing down due to increased difficulty in operating following the reduction in U.S. personnel in the area. FISC had been operating for 43 years to this point and there was enough interest in continuing to run Ski Trips from Frankfurt that the possibility of creating an official German non-profit organisation (e.V.) was checked.


The club was initially formed on the 19th December 2006 at an Extraordinary Meeting on behalf of the Club's founding members.


On the 19th January 2007 the Amtsgericht, Frankfurt am Main provisionally approved the status of the Verein according to the Filing Letter and Articles of Association that were submitted by legal representatives of the Club and official documentation was received the following week.


The Satzung/Articles of Association were updated on the 28th August 2011




What do I need to know?


To join the club simply print and fill out our Membership Form and bring it to any regular Club meeting. You can also scan the signed form and send it via e-mail to our Memberships Director.


Please note that cash is no longer accepted by the Club. The membership fee will be taken by Direct Debit.



Single Membership

Intended for persons 18 years of age
or older without children.

Fee: €35.00



Family Membership

Intended for married couples (with or without children)
or single parents with children under 18 years of age.

Fee: €50.00



Cancellation / Membership Expiration

FSC e.V. Membership is renewable annually. Memberships that have not been renewed within the three months from 01 August will be deemed to have lapsed.


Membership Renewal

It's important to us that you send an E-Mail or turn up to our socials and renew your membership.


Membership Form

If you can't get to a social to sign-up for membership you can download our application form and send it to back to us. Please send it to our Memberships Director.

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Everything you didn't want to know about going on a trip!

•  You must be a current member of the Frankfurt Ski, Snowboard, Sports & Social Club e.V. to go on one of our trips.

•  Trip payments will be taken by the club via Direct Debit from the bank account that you used to join the club. You will need to provide your bank details and sign a direct debit form to authorise trip payment.

•  Full payment must be made by 21.00 on the last sign-up night of your chosen trip to secure your place.


The small print contains vital information regarding FSC trip sign-up procedures and policies. Read them carefully to avoid delays and confusion.


Sign-ups may be made at the following locations
and times:

•  Regularly scheduled membership socials,
between 19.00 and 21.00

(see trip schedule for trip opening and closing dates)

•  Other meetings, locations and times as announced by the FSC Board.


Signing up other people for trips

•  A current FSC e.V. member may additionally sign-up the following for a trip:

•  All members of their family, provided they are part of the family membership.

•  One other FSC e.V. member or FSC e.V. family membership.

•  Members under the age of 18 desiring to sign up for a FSC e.V. trip without at least one parent/guardian in attendance on the trip must have a sponsor 21 years of age or older on that trip. Written permission from the parent/guardian must be submitted to the Trip Captain (TC) by the announced closing date. Sponsors of members under 18 years of age must have medical power of attorney for this individual. Documents will be checked by the TC prior to boarding the bus.




Confirmed list

For those members who have paid at least the minimum deposit for a trip space. Spaces are filled on a first come, first served basis.


Wait list

•  Members are moved on to the confirmed list as others cancel up to the 21.00 deadline on the trip closing night, and it is the responsibility of the member to check their status with the TC.

•  Members not moved to the confirmed list will receive a full refund, as will those who cancel from the wait list before being moved to the confirmed list.

•  If on the wait list, be prepared to pay-in-full  (PIF) at the sign-up desk on the final sign-up night at 21.00, or have another member do this for you.

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What you get for your money.



Everything you didn't want to know about going on a trip!

•  A non-refundable minimum deposit of EUR 30 per person is required to reserve each trip place. Note: Certain trips require a higher non-refundable deposit.

•  The price for the trip is the one which applies to the evening on which payment-in-full is completed. This also applies to those on the wait list.

•  Payment can only be made by Direct Debit. You will need to fill out an authorisation form (provided by FSC e.V.) when signing up for a trip.

•  Members, including those members moved from the wait list to the confirmed list, who fail to complete payment prior to 21.00 on the final sign-up night will be removed from the confirmed list and considered a cancellation.

•  Given cancellations: at 21.00 on final payment night people on the wait list will be elevated to the confirmed list (in order, according to space available) and will be expected to pay-in-full to retain their place.


What does the trip include?

(Unless otherwise indicated, all FSC trips include)

•  Return transport from Frankfurt to hotel

•  Picnic lunch pack on the journey down, including 2 drink tokens

•  Organisational services of a
Trip Captain

•  Accommodation

•  Breakfast

•  Transfers between hotel and resort area with FSC bus where necessary

•  Evening meal

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What happens if I suddenly can't go?


At the AGM held on 28 August 2016, the following changes to the sign-up and cancellation policies and procedures were introduced. We are currently working to update the policies and the information on this page in full. In the meantime, please note that these changes supersede the policy outlined further below.







Early Sign Up price

This is the date on which the board needs to make a decision on whether a trip is financially viable for the club to run. It will usually align with the second sign-up night. After this point the club is unable to cancel the trip for free.


Signing Up

We will generally plan four sign-up nights for each trip: two before the Early Sign Up price, and two after. All sign-ups that occur after the Early Sign Up price will incur a late sign-up fee (in most cases €20).


After 21:00 on the first sign-up night of a trip, members may sign up for a trip by emailing the TC. They must attach their completed sign-up form. Email sign-ups submitted after 21:00 on the Early Sign Up price will incur the late sign-up fee.



Cancellations that are made before 21:00 on the Early Sign Up price will be charged €30. Cancellations made after 21:00 on the Early Sign Up price will be charged a minimum of €80, plus any costs incurred by the club, and up to the full cost of the trip as advertised.


If a trip is cancelled by the board, members will not be charged any cancellation fees for that trip.


Please note: Individual trips may have special conditions. In these cases, this will be communicated to members upon sign-up.





(OLD please refer to amendments above)

We obviously want as many members to come on each trip as possible! We do, however, understand that some members who have signed up for a trip may not be able to attend due to circumstances beyond their control.


In situations like this we try to return as much of the trip price to the member as possible without the Club, which is a non-profit members’ organisation, being financially penalised. Before signing up for a trip, therefore, you should be aware of the following cancellation refund policy:

1) Members who wish to cancel from a trip MUST notify the Trip Captain immediately. MEMBERS MAY NOT SELL THEIR SPACE TO ANOTHER MEMBER.


2) Any member who cancels before the end of the final sign-up night (OLD please refer to amendments above) loses the minimum payment (for most trips this is 30 EUR).


3) Any member who is a “no show” i.e. does not turn up at the bus, or cancels on day of departure generally loses the full trip price.


4) Any member who cancels after the final sign-up night (OLD please refer to amendments above) and prior to trip departure date loses a minimum of  60 EUR plus any variable costs that the Club has incurred on behalf of that member (e.g. hotel room, sandwich packs etc. that could not be cancelled in time) up to the full price of the trip.



1) There is a wait list, and a wait-listed member replaces the person cancelling

•  Member cancelling loses 30 EUR deposit

•  Replacement pays the sign-up night price of joining the wait list


2) There is no wait list and the member cancelling finds a replacement for himself

•  Member cancelling loses 30 EUR deposit

•  Replacement pays trip price paid by cancelling member


3) The trip is one without a bus, i.e. “U-drive” or the member is not taking the bus

•  His share of the fixed costs is reduced by 30 EUR


Members who cancel from the wait list before being moved to the confirmed list will not be charged.


Note: certain trips have a different payment schedule and/or cancellation policy, and are therefore dealt with on an individual basis. Refunds will be made by the Treasurer after the trip reconciliation has been completed. Queries regarding refunds should be addressed to Trips Recs. Any objections must be brought before the Board in writing (email is acceptable) for adjudication. The Board’s decision is final.

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Yes, we do have a few travel rules for the trip!


The bus trip down to the resort is often the first chance for our new members to get to know their fellow FSCers and we DO want them to be enthusiastic about signing up for more trips. In order to please most of the people most of the time, please observe the following rules:



•  Your first impression may be our last. Respect other people on the bus.


TIME, and the bus, WAITS FOR NO MAN

•  The Trip Captain is under no obligation to delay the bus departure for late-comers and probably won’t.

•  Allow for traffic and time to find a legitimate parking place and to load equipment, i.e. arrive at least 20 minutes before departure.

•  Be prompt getting back to the bus after breaks
(remember what the bus looks like and where it’s parked).

•  It is customary for you to buy a round of drinks for the entire bus if you are late and the bus has waited for you.



•  Be sure to throw all rubbish into the bags provided and use rest-stop breaks to offload rubbish.

•  Do not be sick on the bus! If you are, you are liable
for a € 50 fine (payable to the driver) and responsible for cleaning it up! Drink judiciously!

•  The bus toilets only have a limited capacity, and generally the contents cannot be disposed of in other countries. Please use the rest stops to best advantage so that the toilets don’t fill up and have to be locked. (If the holding tank freezes up, the toilet will also be closed for use.) If you do use the bus toilet, guys are also expected to sit – let’s keep the toilet clean!



•  There are no set seat assignments. The earlier you arrive, the better your
choice of seats. The seat you select is yours until the bus returns to Frankfurt (unless you negotiate a swap with someone else).

•  Since April 2004 it is compulsory to wear your seat belt when seated in a moving bus. No passenger may stand forward of the front seats. Passengers should also remain seated throughout the journey where possible. These rules are enforced at the discretion of the bus driver.



•  Observe strictly, since German tour buses tend to cost as much as a small house and you don’t want to pay for a new paint job or carpet.



•  Anywhere on the bus, at any time. Unless you are on fire.



•  DVDs (PAL Region 2 standard) are shown at the TC’s discretion. If you bring your own, remember that FSCers cover a wide range of ages and tastes, so choose appropriately.



•  Please cooperate! Your TCs are volunteers and are doing their best for our members.

•  The Trip Captain is in charge, is the only person who liaises with
the Driver and their decisions are LAW throughout the trip.

•  Help load and unload skis and bags from the bus: at departure,
at the hotel and upon return to Frankfurt.

•  If the bus stops for any reason, please stay on the bus until directed by the TC.



•  On the way home, if you drink, don’t drive. If you drive, don’t drink. We want you around to enjoy more FSC ski trips with us.



•  Most of our drivers are swell guys (and gals!) who usually endure FSC festivities with good humour and a smile. They almost always do their best for us, and it is customary to give a small gratuity at the end of the trip to show your appreciation.

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Be aware... You crash! You burn! You pay!


In Europe, mountain rescue, both in-, and out-of-bounds is provided by professional rescue  services and you WILL be expected to pay. What is more, due to the size of most resorts, rescue is often conducted by helicopter and can run to the price of a small Porsche. Therefore, we recommend that every FSC member give serious thought to ensuring that you are fully insured for your ski holidays.


In particular, you should be aware of the need to cover third-party, rescue and medical expenses. If you are going skiing off-piste then your insurance should cover that as well. You may also want to get cover for loss or theft of your equipment.


It is quite easy to get cover either for one trip, a few weeks or even the whole year. You may insure just yourself, or your entire family under one policy. Many resorts offer a very reasonable insurance option when you buy your ski pass. For example in France snow insurance “carre neige” can be purchased for approx. €2.50 per day and includes all essential coverage for that resort. Buying insurance to protect not only your investment in your equipment, but also yourself against the expenses of injury or an accident involving liability, is a wise investment.


The following is a general list of the type of coverage you may expect to receive from reputable insurance companies:

•  Protection against snowboard/ski damage or theft.

•  Accident insurance including ski patrol expenses ...
evacuation from the slope can be VERY expensive.

•  Medical insurance, for illness or an accident if you become an in-patient, including return travel expenses
if necessary.

•  Liability insurance for property damage or personal injury to others, or damage to someone else’s equipment.

•  Legal assistance associated with a court case resulting from an accident on the slopes.

•  Additional advantages of some policies include price reductions on lift passes and at resort lodges, hotels
and restaurants.


Policies vary from company to company, so it’s best to shop around. Be sure to check whether sports equipment, heli-rescue and European or worldwide cover is indicated. You should always get receipts for medical services, and you will need a police report if your equipment is stolen.


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Treasury explained



All payments to and from the Club occur entirely electronicly (we cannot accept cash payments). These payments are transferred by means of a secure electronic direct debit ('Lastschrift') initiated by the Treasurer,
which requires that each Club member (or their designated payment sponsor) have a Euro-bank account in a SEPA country. (Non-habitual transfers into the
Club’s account are possible by exception. Please email if you simply have no access to
a bank account in a SEPA country.)


Similarly, refunds to members are initiated by the Treasurer via electronic funds transfer ('Überweisung'). But please keep in mind that refunds (for late cancellations, for not taking the bus, etc.) are generally made after the trip as part of trip reconciliation.



Deductions from your bank account will always occur AFTER you have been sent an invoice by email (PDF attachment). You should receive this email no later than the Sunday night after the last sign-up night.


After that I generally allow 2 days (i.e. normally a Monday and Tuesday) before submitting the Lastschrift order; these 2 days allow you to review the invoice for errors, or to request delaying the deduction if you currently do not have sufficient funds in your account. (You should of course budget your funds to anticipate this deduction; but, failing that, I prefer that you ask me to wait a bit to avoid the hassle of a Retour and Commerzbank's €8.11 rejection fee to you.) If I don't hear anything from you, I will submit the Lastschrift order in the late evening of the second day (generally a Tuesday).


Note: smaller payments (such as for membership) I may take quicker (1 day after sending the invoice).



Although this timing above means that generally you will only be able to see the deduction in your bank account on (or just after) the Wednesday following the last sign-up night (i.e. one week after the last sign-up night), sufficient funds need to be in the account at least a day beforehand!  If not, it will likely come back rejected and I will have to resubmit – along with Commerzbank's €8.11 Retour fee. Therefore, as soon as you receive the invoice, please go online to check your bank account – and email me immediately if you do not have sufficient funds.



If you disagree with the amount in the invoice, please email me and the Trip Captain. (Please do not just tell your bank to reject a deduction that you think was incorrect, as this will incur a €8.11 rejection fee, which benefits no one but Commerzbank.) This is generally not time critical; we can always make corrections and refunds after the trip up until the end of the fiscal year (July 31st).


Kind regards,


Ray Morin

Treasurer, FSC e.V.

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What are the FAQs?


As many of you are already aware, we have made the long-overdue decision to cease accepting cash for the payment of membership fees and trips for the coming season and move to a method of electronic funds transfer. Having analysed all the electronic payment methods (credit cards, POS systems, bank transfers, PayPal etc.) the only one that makes sense for us is the direct debit mandate.


This is a standard method of payment in Germany, but there is still a fair amount of misunderstanding about how the system works and how safe it is. This document should answer most common questions that arise, but if you still have concerns you can raise them either by emailing or by asking a board member at one of the social meetings.



In previous seasons we have accepted cash, vouchers and cheques as methods of payment for both membership fees and for trips. However, cash is a pain to handle; it's easy to make counting errors, it needs to be physically taken to the bank and the security risk involved in handling potentially large amounts of money in an insecure location should not be underestimated. Whilst seeming initially expedient, vouchers entail a lot of work to separately administer, require the beneficiary to collect them and are easily lost or forgotten about. Cheques are not much easier to administer (require manual entry into accounts etc.) and like cash need to be physically presented at the bank.


Electronic funds transfer offers many advantages both to you and the club and these days is the standard way of making payments in all parts of life.


Ignoring cards for a moment there are two main EFT concepts: Bank transfer (Überweisung) initiated by the payer (either using a transfer slip at your bank or on-line banking), and direct debit (Einzugsermächtigung/elektronisches Lastschriftverfahren) initiated by the recipient. The standard method of paying club membership fees in Germany is by direct debit. Many clubs require this due to their particular payment schedules, e.g. 4 x quarterly or because their membership automatically rolls on into the next year unless cancelled.


The main reason, however, is that it simplifies administration; an important consideration when relying on volunteers with full-time jobs to run a club! By being authorised to debit payment from your account we can produce a list of payments after each meeting, send them to our bank and reconcile the subsequent bank statement to the accounts software with the minimum of effort and potential for error.


In order to minimise the time-consuming administrative tasks Treasury has to undertake we need to automate as many processes as possible and reduce manual intervention. This can only work if everything conforms to a predetermined format.


If we could guarantee that everyone would make payment in a timely manner and using the correct data in exactly the right format in the Verwendungszweck (purpose) field on the transfer form, there would be no problem. However, we all know that mistakes are made, details are typed incorrectly and people don't get to the bank as planned. The extra work involved in trying to manually locate and assign each incoming payment on the bank statement with the corresponding member and trip would no longer be a job a volunteer could reasonably be expected to undertake; and that’s ignoring time spent chasing up people who haven’t yet made payment.


Bear in mind also that at some meetings we would be talking about perhaps 150 transactions!


The cost involved, both in terms of the hardware required, monthly service fee and the commission that the credit card companies charge on each transaction would make accepting card payments prohibitively expensive.


When you sign up for membership, in addition to providing us with your personal details (postal & email addresses, contact number etc.) you will need to give us your a) account name b) account number c) Bankleitzahl (bank identification code) of the account you wish to make payments from. We will then use this information to send our bank an instruction (Lastschrift) to debit the MEMBERSHIP FEE from the account you specified. Your signature on the direct debit mandate form you sign authorises us to do this ONCE ONLY. We promise never to withdraw money without authorisation from you for each occasion.


This is called an einmalige Lastschrift or one-off direct debit. Each time you sign up for a trip you will sign the registration form authorising us to take the payment for that trip from the account whose details you supplied on becoming a member. Note: should your details change, it is important that you inform us as soon as possible.


Your details will be stored by us in a strongly encrypted format and in accordance with the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (German data protection act) and we promise that this information will never be passed to any third party.


There are several advantages. Firstly, you don't need to worry about withdrawing and carrying large sums of cash around in order to pay for a trip.


Sign-ups will be far quicker as the Trip Captain does not have to count cash but simply ensure you have signed the appropriate form.


As an additional benefit, any refunds you may be due can be wired directly to your account thereby saving you (and us) a lot of trouble. No more lost vouchers or waiting at meetings for the Treasurer!


The German system works to certain extent based on trust. In order to execute direct debit mandates, the organisation wishing to do so must be authorised by their bank. Banks do not just allow anyone to take direct debits!


Once authorised, all they need to do is present their bank with your account details and the sum they want to take (you probably already have this sort of arrangement for your mobile phone bill). Their bank then contacts your bank to execute the transaction. In theory, therefore, any organisation that
is authorised to execute direct debits COULD use your bank details to take money from your account without any further authorisation from you. This would, of course, be theft and they would be liable to prosecution. In addition, they would also likely lose their direct debit privileges as a consequence.


Another possible scenario is that your bank details are stolen by someone and used to purchase goods or services from an otherwise reputable organisation. This would, of course, be fraud and likewise the person initiating it would be breaking the law. (This is one reason why many organisations will only deliver goods to the account holder’s address and not to a third party.)


Of course. Firstly, we will never pass your data on to a third party. Where stored, it is kept encrypted using strong encryption techniques in accordance with the Data Protection Act (BDSG) and therefore unreadable to anyone, even in the event of theft of the equipment on which it is stored. It will not  be stored on the club web server or any other internet device that could be compromised by hacking. It will not be stored in a clear-text format.


The main safeguard, however, is provided by the banking system. It protects you from these sorts of abuse by allowing you (at least) six weeks to revoke any transaction, regardless
of the reason, and have your money returned (something, incidentally, that you are not able to do with a transfer initiated by you). Your bank claims the money back from the recipient bank and credits it back to your account thus protecting you from fraudulent or unauthorised withdrawals. It is important to realise that it is the banks that are responsible here, so even if the thief has cleared his account out and absconded, you will still get your money back!


We do, however, remind you that this is NOT an approved way of cancelling a trip. You must follow the prescribed procedures as set out in the relevant sections of the season guide and web site.


If (due to some oversight on your part) your account has insufficient funds to cover the amount you have authorised us to debit, the transfer will be rejected by your bank; i.e. your account will not be forced to become overdrawn because of it.


This is a potential issue for some members, in particular those in the US military who bank on base and those members no longer resident in Germany.


One possibility, if you have a suitable friend, is to arrange payment through them. You give them the cash and we take the payment from them. We would need written authorisation from them in order to do this.


If this is not possible, in exceptional cases we can arrange for you to make a transfer to our bank account using the IBAN. However, this causes us a lot of work. In order to assign the incoming payment as coming from you and for the correct purpose (memberships or a specific trip) the information on the transfer MUST be correct. You will need to talk to the appropriate board member for more information about this method.


No. We do not want to be handling cash at all for the reasons stated above.


As in the past, you can get another member to sign up for you by proxy. To ensure that they are authorised to do so, however, they will need to bring a letter from you authorising them to a) sign you up for membership or a specific trip and b) authorise the direct debit mandate (and provide your bank details if we do not already have them).


For your convenience, if you have already paid a deposit for a trip at a previous meeting you have the option of allowing us to take the balance without you physically attending a meeting and signing another form; in this case we just need you to send a confirmatory email. Again, we will not make a withdrawal without receiving your permission on each occasion.


Vouchers are valid until the end of the season following issue therefore those issued last season (July 1st 2012 - June 30th 2013) will be honoured.


As we have your bank details already, once approved, the funds will simply be transferred to your account. No need to chase the Treasurer for a cheque or voucher!

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