What is FSC?

Where does it come from?





This will be the 53rd SEASON* of FSC e.V. (*initially founded as FISC in 1964).

Come celebrate with us!


The Frankfurt, Ski, Snowboard, Sports and Social Club (FSC) was formed as a locally run alternative to the Frankfurt International Ski Club which, as an American Club, was in the process of closing down due to increased difficulty in operating following the reduction in U.S. personnel in the area. FISC had been operating for 43 years to this point and there enough interest in continuing to run Ski Trips from Frankfurt that the possibility of creating an official German non-profit organisation (e.V.) was checked.


The club was initially formed on the 19th December 2006 at an Extraordinary Meeting on behalf of the Club's founding members.


On the 19th January 2007 the Amtsgericht, Frankfurt am Main provisionally approved the status of the Verein according to the Filing Letter and Articles of Association that were submitted by legal representatives of the Club and official documentation was received the following week.


The Satzung/Articles of Association were updated on the 28th August 2011

(PDF German)

Becoming a member ...

What do I need to know?

To join the club simply print and fill out our Membership Form and bring it to any

regular Club meeting. You can also scan the signed form and send it via e-mail

to our Memberships Director.


Please note that cash is no longer accepted by the Club. The membership fee will be taken by Direct Debit.


Single Membership

Intended for persons

18 years of age or older without children.

Fee: €35.00



Family Membership

Intended for married couples (with or without children) or single parents with children under

18 years of age.

Fee: €50.00



Cancellation / Membership Expiration

FSC e.V. Membership is renewable annually. Memberships that have not been renewed within the three months from

01 August will be deemed to have lapsed.


Membership Renewal

It's important to us that you send an E-Mail or turn up to our socials and renew your membership.


Membership Form

If you can't get to a social to sign-up for membership you can download our application form and send it to back to us.


Please send it to our Memberships Director.




Everything you didn't want to know about going on a trip!

•  You must be a current member of the Frankfurt Ski, Snowboard, Sports
& Social Club e.V. to go on one of our trips.

•  Trip payments will be taken by the club via Direct Debit from the bank account that you used to join the club. You will need to provide your bank details and sign a direct debit form to authorise trip payment.

•  Full payment must be made by 21.00 on the last sign-up night of your chosen trip to secure your place.


The small print contains vital information regarding FSC trip sign-up procedures and policies. Read them carefully to avoid delays and confusion.


Sign-ups may be made at the following locations and times:

•  Regularly scheduled membership socials, between 19.00 and 21.00

      (see trip schedule for trip opening and closing dates)

•  Other meetings, locations and times as announced by the FSC Board.


Signing up other people for trips

•  A current FSC e.V. member may additionally sign-up the following for a trip:

•  All members of their family, provided they are part of the family membership.

•  One other FSC e.V. member or FSC e.V. family membership.

•  Members under the age of 18 desiring to sign up for a FSC e.V. trip without
at least one parent/guardian in attendance on the trip must have a sponsor
21 years of age or older on that trip. Written permission from the parent/guardian must be submitted to the Trip Captain (TC) by the announced closing date. Sponsors of members under 18 years of age must have medical power of attorney for this individual. Documents will be checked by the TC prior to boarding the bus.



Wait list

•  Members are moved on to the confirmed list as others cancel up to the 21.00 deadline on the trip closing night, and it is the responsibility of the member to check their status with the TC.

•  Members not moved to the confirmed list will receive a full refund, as will those who cancel from the wait list before being moved to the confirmed list.

•  If on the wait list, be prepared to pay-in-full  (PIF) at the sign-up desk on the final sign-up night at 21.00, or have another member do this for you.



Confirmed list

For those members who have paid at least the minimum deposit for a trip space. Spaces are filled on a first come, first served basis.


What you get for your money.


Everything you didn't want to know about going on a trip!

•  A non-refundable minimum deposit of EUR 30 per person is required to reserve each trip place. Note: Certain trips require a higher non-refundable deposit.

•  The price for the trip is the one which applies to the evening on which payment-in-full is completed. This also applies to those on the wait list.

•  Payment can only be made by Direct Debit. You will need to fill out an authorisation form (provided by FSC e.V.) when signing up for a trip.

•  Members, including those members moved from the wait list to the confirmed list, who fail to complete payment prior to 21.00 on the final sign-up night will be removed from the confirmed list and considered a cancellation.

•  Given cancellations: at 21.00 on final payment night people on the wait list will be elevated to the confirmed list (in order, according to space available) and will be expected to pay-in-full to retain their place.


What does the trip include?

(Unless otherwise indicated,
all FSC trips include)

•  Return transport from
Frankfurt to hotel

•  Picnic lunch pack on the journey down, including 2 drink tokens

•  Organisational services of a
Trip Captain

•  Accommodation

•  Breakfast

•  Transfers between hotel
and resort area with FSC bus where necessary

•  Evening meal

Not included in the trip price!

(Unless otherwise indicated)

•  Lift pass (your TC will collect money for lift passes on the bus journey down to resort and will usually be able to command a group discount on the full purchase price of the lift tickets)

•  Ski/board rental

•  Ski/board lessons

•  Drinks at hotel or resort

•  Lunches

•  Transfers between hotel and resort area using local transport

•  Personal insurance


Oh NO!

What happens if I suddenly can't go?


At the AGM held on 28 August 2016, the following changes to the sign-up and cancellation policies and procedures were introduced. We are currently working to update the policies and the information on this page in full. In the meantime, please note that these changes supersede the policy outlined further below.







Early Sign Up price

This is the date on which the board needs to make a decision on whether a trip is financially viable for the club to run. It will usually align with the second sign-up night. After this point the club is unable to cancel the trip for free.


Signing Up

We will generally plan four sign-up nights for each trip: two before the Early Sign Up price, and two after. All sign-ups that occur after the Early Sign Up price will incur a late sign-up fee (in most cases €20).


After 21:00 on the first sign-up night of a trip, members may sign up for a trip by emailing the TC. They must attach their completed sign-up form. Email sign-ups submitted after 21:00 on the Early Sign Up price will incur the late sign-up fee.


Cancellations (NEW!)

Cancellations that are made before 21:00 on the Early Sign Up price will be charged €30. Cancellations made after 21:00 on the Early Sign Up price will be charged a minimum of €80, plus any costs incurred by the club, and up to the full cost of the trip as advertised.


If a trip is cancelled by the board, members will not be charged any cancellation fees for that trip.


Please note: Individual trips may have special conditions. In these cases, this will be communicated to members upon sign-up.






CANCELLATION POLICY (OLD please refer to amendments above)

We obviously want as many members to come on each trip as possible!
We do, however, understand that some members who have signed up for
a trip may not be able to attend due to circumstances beyond their control.


In situations like this we try to return as much of the trip price to the member
as possible without the Club, which is a non-profit members’ organisation,
being financially penalised. Before signing up for a trip, therefore, you should
be aware of the following cancellation refund policy:

1) Members who wish to cancel from a trip MUST notify the Trip Captain immediately. MEMBERS MAY NOT SELL THEIR SPACE TO ANOTHER MEMBER.


2) Any member who cancels before the end of the final sign-up night
(OLD please refer to amendments above)
loses the minimum payment
(for most trips this is 30 EUR).


3) Any member who is a “no show” i.e. does not turn up at the bus,
or cancels on day of departure generally loses the full trip price.


4) Any member who cancels after the final sign-up night (OLD please refer to amendments above) and prior to trip departure date loses a minimum of 60 EUR (old)  plus any variable costs that the Club has incurred on behalf of that member (e.g. hotel room, sandwich packs etc. that could not be cancelled in time) up to the full price of the trip.



1) There is a wait list, and a wait-listed member replaces the person cancelling

•  Member cancelling loses 30 EUR deposit

•  Replacement pays the sign-up night price of joining the wait list


2) There is no wait list and the member cancelling finds a replacement for himself

•  Member cancelling loses 30 EUR deposit

•  Replacement pays trip price paid by cancelling member


3) The trip is one without a bus, i.e. “U-drive” or the member is not taking the bus

•  His share of the fixed costs is reduced by 30 EUR


Members who cancel from the wait list before being moved to the confirmed list will not be charged.

Note: certain trips have a different payment schedule and/or cancellation policy, and are therefore dealt with on an individual basis. Refunds will be made by the Treasurer after the trip reconciliation has been completed. Queries regarding refunds should be addressed to Trips Recs. Any objections must be brought before the Board in writing (email is acceptable) for adjudication. The Board’s decision is final.


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